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It’s been almost a year since TMG’s Drone #1 took to the skies!

What started out as a casual interest has quickly turned into an obsession. We are constantly amazed at the attention drones receive from both onlookers and the media. It certainly draws a crowd wherever it takes flight.

It hasn’t all been blue sky’s and clear flying for Drone #1, a years worth of crashes has put our her on the brink of being permanently grounded. You would think that 1 or 2 hard encounters with concrete and asphalt would be the end of the party, but it takes a lick’n and keeps on tick’n! Stuck high atop trees, encounters with power lines and a pit bull’s jaw’s have all added to it’s ongoing demise. Having our GoPro come loose and fall from 2,000 feet didn’t help either.


Back in the winter we lost her while flying over a snow covered golf course. Since the drone is almost all white, it made finding her in the snow impossible. Two weeks went by and we went back to the golf course and found her laying in a pile of melted snow near the 8th hole. It reminded us all of when Elliott found ET laying next that creek bank, barely hanging-on.

Drone_3What started out as the just the drone and the remote control unit in a box has quickly spiraled into hard-sided travel cases filled with extra props, batteries, chargers, mother boards, wiring harnesses, soldering guns, 3 GoPro cameras, gimbals and spare engines. We found ourselves constantly awaiting the arrival of our UPS delivery man, bringing us spare parts from the Orient to help mend her latest ailments.

Drone_4I suppose we could continue to tape, glue, solder and velcro her back together and keep her flying indefinitely, and that’s exactly what we eventually may do. But in the meantime, the UPS delivery man is dropping off her shiny new twin sister later today!

Rest In Peace Drone#1


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